90% of Small Business Owners Work on the Wrong Thing

This leaves them at their desk too long, creating unhappy spouses, missing their kids, mad they can't get ahead, and watching their health slipping away one day at a time.

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What The 960 Method Is

  • Time Management on Steroids
  • The Only Program That Scores Your Success Daily
  • The Only Program That Guides Daily Activity
  • A Guide to Journal for Success
  • Quality, Valuable Tools, Training, and Content
  • Self-Paced, Group-Coaching, Or One on One
  • A New Approach to Consulting - Ask How!

Who The 960 Method Helps

  • Small Business Owners
  • Solopreneurs
  • Online Marketers
  • Working Parents who want awesome relationships
  • ADHD-preneurs
  • Agency Owners
  • Time-Starved Busy People

Why We Serve

Tom has a calling to help 1,000,000 business owners 'Reach for Their Potential" by providing the tools, training, support, guidance, inspiration, and clarity to help them get there. The small business market is left to fend for itself because most small business owners, solopreneurs, and freelancers cannot afford the high costs of help. This is the tragedy Tom is dedicated to resolving.

Our Mission

HobbSolutions has its focus clearly pointed at helping 1,000,000 small business owners live their potential every day. Through the training and guidance provided these small business owners transform their passion projects into thriving business organizations. They will also improve their family lives, health and connection to their spirituality.

Our Vision

We see a world where everyone lives to their potential every day. They drive themselves to go further, They push to go stronger. They drive to achieve and succeed. AND they live to their potential each and every day!

What We Do

Group Training

Join a small group of other leaders to grow together

  • Small groups of 15 to 20 business owners
  • Weekly lessons to grow in self, business, and beyond
  • Accountability to ensure you 'Reach FOR your Potential'
  • The tools you need to actually make your dreams a reality


Do each and every job right by using the right tool each time

  • The 960 Time Compass
  • The 960 Momentum Journal
  • The Amplify Challenge Facebook Group
  • The 960 Milestone Stacks

1 on 1 Training

Need more focus and attention, this VIP membership is the way

  • All the benefits of group training plus...
  • Done with you solutions
  • Focused attention - only on you
  • Direct guidance and support to complete your growth on time

Online Training

If you are one of the few who can 'go it alone' this is for you

  • Tons of training to take you on the journey to discover...
  • Your purpose and limiting beliefs
  • What you need to do to win all of your minutes every day
  • Ways to track your success... And so much more!

Meet The Team


Meet our Founder

Tom worked in multiple industries in his early professional career while starting his large family. In his 30's Tom decided to go to college and get his degree in Global Business Management which he followed up with an MBA. Since, he has helped multiple companies establish ISO and AS Quality Certifications which has created marketing opportunities accounting for millions of dollars in new revenues. He has also launched multiple businesses that have all generated profits and exit opportunities. He is dedicated to helping small businesses grow to support micro economies across the world. Tom is always willing to roll up his sleeves and get to work.


Our Chief Information Officer

David has been in the Information Technology Sector for over 60 Years. He is a database architect, with direct experience serving big name clients.

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